Wellness Holidays

Many of us lead busy lives and are successful business people, but sometimes we find this leaves us little room to think about our own health and wellbeing. But sometimes it helps to put the stresses of everyday life behind you and focus on your own personal goals.

So why not maximise your valuable time off with a holiday designed around them?

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, detox, or simply relax, our selection of wellness resorts has been chosen often because of the hotels' superb locations in the world – for example on the site of a natural thermal spring – and always because of the great wellness amenities they provide, such as full spa facilities, daily activity programmes, yoga, meditation and nutritional advice. Many also serve delicious vegan, raw and generally healthy foods to help guests achieve their goals.

And it goes without saying – they always come with The Vacation Collection's added value benefits negotiated especially for you.